The overall design for Trinity Dome was put together by Kevin Meylor , with construction drawings done by Monolithic. When designing Trinity Dome, special attention was made to the following:

1) Building Site - The house had to conform to a narrow, old town building lot. With only 44x150' to work with, special attention was needed to get the structure to fit properly. Three interconnected 24' domes were chosen as the ideal way to achieve this. Here's the view from the patio on the south side.

2) Accessibility - Creating an easy-to-access, zero step environment suitable for a retired couple with reduced mobility was paramount. This included on-grade construction for both the house and garage.

2) Durability - Ensuring the home will last centuries instead of years was a big goal. Trinity Dome is being built lmost completely free of wood or other materials that can rot, decay, be destroyed by insects and pests. In fact, the only wood planned in the home is in the cabinets. Using VBUCKs around the window and door openings was a big step towards this goal.

3) Flexibility - Due to its long lifespan, it seemed prudent to create an adaptable structure. Trinity Dome is being built as a one-bedroom retirement home. However, it was designed to be converted into a three bedroom family or rental home later on. Here's the modified floor plan for the future.