And the master suite.. 
The bedroom turned out very nice, and is actually much more spacious than even expected.

Here you can see the glass block window that faces the front of the house.

Looking up, you can take in one of the four ceiling fans. It's also worth noting the rustic troweled-on texture of the ceiling used throughout living area.

This view is out the side window. You'll note, we opted to wait on building the closet until after some real-world living in the room. One of the great things about domes is the interior walls are generally non-structural -- so you have this kind of flexibility.

Turning to the right you can see the pocket door leading to the master bathroom.

Here you can get a good idea for how accessible the house is, as we look out of the bedroom into the main living space.

Finally, the master bathroom. Again here you can see what a nice touch the tile transition strips added.

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Moving on to the kitchen... 
Perhaps the nicest part of Trinity Dome, is the wonderful compact little kitchen.

An efficient floor plan incorporates a small counter depth fridge, combination washer/dryer unit, range, built in microwave, and a dishwasher -- all into a very accessible "L" shaped design.

Here's another view of the in-wall pantry. This will allow canned goods and other small items to be always readily available. It also turned out very pretty.

Taking a look from the side of the kitchen you can see the built in bookshelf just above the microwave.

And just off the kitchen is the guest bath. This will also serve as the second full bath should the house ever be converted to the three bedroom floor plan.

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Living and Dining Rooms 
Let's take a tour of the main living are of the house...

Here's a shot of taken just inside the front door, looking back toward the garage.

Off to the left, you can see the bedroom door. To the right of that you'll find the entry to the kitchen.

One thing previous readers of this site may notice is that we installed ceramic tile rather than the planned stained concrete floors. This allowed for a more finished look, and these neat tile transitions between the rooms.

Here you see the living room window and the view out to the front driveway. Around each of the windows is a painted plaster surround with a wooden sill underneath.

Turning to our right you'll find a similar treatment around the sliding glass door that leads to the side patio. The sunlit space is where the dining room table will eventually sit.

Turning back to the left, you can see the in-wall can pantry (still needs shelves and doors) at the edge of the kitchen, along with the door out to the garage. I just love the curves of the ceilings and outer walls.

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We're Done! 

With a big THANK YOU to so many friends, family, neighbors, contractors, and the fine folks at Monolithic -- I am pleased to announce Trinity Dome is (pretty much) complete. We wrapped up the interior over the weekend, and received our occupancy permit from the city inspectors as well.

We still have a few odds and ends to finish up, but nothing standing in the way of Helen moving in and enjoying. So, without further ado, here are some pictures:

I'm starting with the garage door opener, because it was my Dad's last birthday present... and he would have loved the old-Dodge-truck-style mounting brackets I fashioned!

Now, here's a shot of the main part of the house. One of my favorite features of this house is the sweeping curves of the living and dining rooms. It's pure organic beauty.

In the interest of simplicity, I'm going to split the remaining photos into several posts -- so stay tuned, and thanks again to everyone that's helped these last two years!


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Voice of America 
I was dismantling the airlock in the back driveway a couple weeks ago, when a gentleman approached me and introduced himself. It turns out his name was Greg Flakus, and he was from Voice of America -- the international freedom-promoting radio and television network!

He was a very nice guy, and we chatted for quite awhile about Monolithic Domes, their history, and how they've spread around the world. In the end, he turned our talk into the basis of a very informative article.

Thanks to Greg for stopping by, and filing this great report. The full article, including audio and (coming soon) video can be found here on the VOA web site.

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